Please pray for

Please pray for Nicole’s parents, especially her father who is currently hospitalised.

Please pray for

Please pray for Roman. He is currently (04 Sep 2021) intubated after 3 weeks in hospital.

Kirsten Walsh

Please pray for 34yr old Kirsten Walsh. He is covid positive and not doing well, due to blood clots in his lungs. We need prayer warriors to seek the face of God to bring through this difficult patch. God bless.


My friend has covid very ill in ICU.please pray for her.


[6:02 AM, 2/9/2021] NikkieC: Bid asb vir my sister’s kind Kayrese. Sy covid related simptome ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ [6:04 AM, 2/9/2021] NikkieC: Sy word more getoets.


Please pray for my sister in law Christine with COVID , pray that she gets the medical care required

God Save Us

Please pray for the ‘God Save Us’ project, to take the gospel of a soon coming Saviour to the corners of the world. The project website is live and registrations and promotions have started. Pray that God bless the project and make it successful.

Hilton Coltman

Please pray for Hilton Coltman. He has recovered from covid-19 but is still struggling with fatigue. Pray that he recovers completely.

Emily Legoabe

Please pray for Fortune Legoabe’s mom, 74 years old, who is currently in ICU due to covid-19 complications.

Carol Oxley

Please pray for Carol Oxley. She contracted covid-19 while in hospital for a heart condition and is now dependent on oxygen. Carol is improving steadily. On 31 Jan 2021, she managed to visit friends for the first time since covid-19, something she was terrified of, but it went well.


Please pray for Samantha, who is covid-19 positive and has underlying issues.

Neville Bruintjies

Please pray for Neville Bruintjies, who is in ICU in Port Elizabeth, since 07 January 2021. He does not know that his wife passed away around that time and now he does not recognise his children. As at 27 Jan 21, his condition has improved but his state of mind is still confused. As at […]