Madibeng head of traffic dies of COVID-19

Madibeng head of traffic dies of COVID-19

1 thought on “Madibeng head of traffic dies of COVID-19

  1. A tribute to AJ.

    AJ and I were at school together, however, after 1983 we went our separate ways.

    In 2014 our paths reconnected. From that moment on he became my soul mate, my best friend and my go-to person.

    I was mesmerized by his good nature and beautiful soul. I was in awe of his intelligence yet humbleness. His trust in God and unwavering faith inspired me on a daily basis.

    Amongst many other lessons AJ taught me, 3 are especially important to me:

    1. Always stay in touch with loved ones. 5 seconds of your day can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

    2. If someone needs your assistance and you can’t assist, find someone else who can assist that person.

    3. Never be a slave to fear. Embrace the promise that you are a child of God.

    Forever in my heart AJ.


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