Cyril John Jacobs

Tribute to Cyril John Jacobs also known as Pappa

It is with sincere humility and deep consolation that I embark on the memories and joy of knowing you.

A humble, posed and always sincere attitude resembled your interaction with children, adults and the elderly.

A guitar in your hands always led to hours of beautiful song and praises to God.

With every family crisis- you and aunty Gwen arrived first, and were the last to leave, and you followed up afterwards. 

In spite of being a crafted artisan, gifted manager and passionate sportsman, it is your love of God that made you a dedicated family man, for which we all will ever be grateful.

The sudden, inexplicable tragic news of your passing, is still unreal, and my heart is filled with pain and sorrow,

Until we meet again, on the return of Jesus, rest in peace uncle Papa.