Andrew January

Andrew January

Andrew was a very good natured and intelligent person. He was also very humble. At school he was voted in as the Deputy-headboy in 1983, due to his good character and leadership abilities. 

It also came as no surprise, when years later, he was appointed Head of the traffic department in Brits. 

He believed in staying in touch with family and friends. 

At school, Andrew introduced me  to a whole new world, I never knew existed, after I got born again in 1982. 

We attended Chapman, Senior Secondary school in Port Elizabeth and were in the same class from gr 10. He was my mentor during my initial baby steps in Christ. 

I will always treasure the foundations God allowed him to lay in me.Many of the truths I learned then, and still apply today, especially around the gifts of the Spirit, I learned from him. God used him to teach me some valuable godly principles. 

We were constantly in touch till Saturday, when he stopped responding to messages. 

In the 80s he introduced me to people in Pentecostal /Charismatic circles. My first experience of the miraculous, was when Andrew prayed for someone, who was instantly healed. 

That experience changed my whole world. Since then, many sick people have been healed by God in answer to prayer, over many years. 

I thanked Andrew one day, for it, when I shared this truth with him. He just looked at me in humility, without saying a word. 

Andrew also introduced me to great men of God during the early 80s. He shared their tapes and videos with me. 

These men created a deep appetite for the things of God in both of us. 

I got to know about Jimmy Swaggart and Reinhardt Bonnke through Andrew too. We attended their services together at the stadiums here in PE in 1983.

There was a time when Andrew went through a dip spiritually. I just encouraged and prayed for him. He gradually returned to the godly principles he knew. 

He was also very concerned about other classmates from school and would often inform me, if they were going through difficult times. He would then motivate me to call them and pray for them. 

In his last clip where he said :'Everything is now in God's hands...' I knew that he had made peace. We honour God for his legacy.

-- Reuben Africa