Patty Coltman

Patty Coltman

Dear Mamma

Oh Precious mommy
where are you now that the days are sunny
I know that you are no more

But I can feel your heart beat from your deep grave

We all know too well that there will be a second wave

But ain’t no woman alive that can take my mother’s place
I love you way too much
I regret that I never really got to say it much
You left a stain
You have left us some deep pain
My thoughts and emotions go to the rain
But we all know that you are at peace
at rest and at ease
You are gone
But you live in our memories
With your favourite song
I am not used to visiting cemetaries
But anything for you
You were a mother to everyone
And for that we all appreciate it
The life lessons you taught
will never fade
Memories fade but never erase
But one day when we pick up the pace
we will be with you
You taught me
keep her on your left and serve her with your right
But i know you didn’t go down without a fight
I love you mommy
‘Till we meet again

John’na Coltman

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